The University Maths School Idea

Nurturing the next generation of mathematical scientists

University maths schools are 16-19 state schools that immerse students in the challenge, creativity and life-changing opportunities of maths and maths-related subjects. Founded by and closely linked to leading universities, these schools offer a specialist STEM curriculum of exceptional quality and a vibrant community for budding mathematicians. They are engines of social mobility, working with students from under-represented groups to widen participation in high-quality STEM degrees and careers.


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The secrets of the universe

Students dig deep into maths and physics to uncover the best explanations we have for how the world works, developing a rich understanding of mathematical ideas alongside the confidence to think creatively and rigorously to solve problems.

Maths and much more

Maths schools’ core curriculum of A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Science is enriched by additional subject choices, university-linked academic programmes and extra-curricular activities that develop the skills students need to thrive in life beyond school.

Real life STEM challenges

Students develop their ability to conduct research, work in teams and present their ideas by engaging in projects with a demanding, real-world dimension, in partnership with university academics and industry professionals.


Every maths school is founded by and run in close partnership with a university with a leading mathematics department. Our universities provide governance, opportunities for extension and challenge, access to university facilities and personnel, and support to widen participation in the mathematical sciences.


Our aim is to inspire and support students from all backgrounds to develop their mathematical talents and pursue higher education in STEM fields. University maths schools offer a range of outreach programs and events that provide stimulating and enriching experiences for students of all ages, from primary school to pre-university level. These programs increase interest and participation in mathematics, improve attainment and progression, and encourage students from underrepresented groups to pursue STEM careers.

Working with industry

Our industry partners help students enrich their learning with real world thinking through mentoring, internships, and workshops – and by supporting the work of the maths schools with sponsorship and funding. Students are able to learn about the wide range of enrichment opportunities available to them and participate in projects with real-world dimensions that give them a taste for a future in STEM-related fields.

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