How U-Maths is organised

The role of governance in the network

The University Maths Schools Network, or U-Maths, has been created by maths schools and their universities to facilitate the schools’ continuing success, and enable their constructive collaboration.

U-Maths is evolving and is intending to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) whose Members will be the university maths schools in England.

The CIO will be governed by Trustees.

The Trustees have a collective responsibility to ensure that U-Maths complies with all legal and regulatory obligations, and will ensure the CIO has a clear strategy to meet its charitable object, mission and purposes, and to oversee the financial performance of the CIO. Trustees appoint and hold accountable a CEO to implement the organisational strategy. The governing document of U-Maths, subject to its formal registration with the Charity Commission, will be its Constitution.

Founding Trustees will all stand down (but may be considered for election) at the organisation’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) that must take place within 18 months of registration as a CIO.

Until that AGM, the Founding Trustees of U-Maths are:

Janice 2

Professor Janice Kay PFHEA CBE

Founding Trustee (Chair)

Special Advisor to the Vice Chancellor, University of Exeter
Jan 2

Dr Jan Grabowski FIMA SFHEA

Founding Trustee

Associate Dean for Engagement and Internationalisation and Senior Lecturer in Algebra and Geometry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Lancaster University.
Damian 2

Mr Damian Haigh

Founding Trustee

Headteacher, University of Liverpool Maths School
Helen 4

Professor Helen Higson PFHEA OBE DL

Founding Trustee

Professor of Higher Education Learning and Management, Aston Business School, Associate Dean Accreditations, Aston University
David 2

Mr David Holtham

Founding Trustee

Executive Principal, The GORSE Academies Trust – Project Lead for LMaS

Mr Ryan Kelsall

Founding Trustee

Deputy CEO, The Eastern Learning Alliance
Sarah 2

Professor Sarah Speight PFHEA FRSA

Founding Trustee

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience, University of Nottingham
Alison 3

Professor Alison Wolf CBE (Baroness Wolf of Dulwich)

Founding Trustee

Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, King’s College London

Executive Team

U-Maths has a small executive team, and is also hiring! Look out for job posts on LinkedIn, Guardian, and TES.

Dan Abramson OBE is U-Maths’ Interim CEO. Dan was the founding Head Teacher at King’s College London Mathematics School. He now shares his time between U-Maths and King’s College London, where he is Professor of Practice of Mathematics Education. Dan is also the Chair of Trustees at MESME.

Kate Marshall is U-Maths’ Project Manager.

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