About the U-Maths Network

U-Maths is designed to grow and strengthen the maths school movement. The network provides a unique opportunity to enrich students, teachers and the wider educational community.

What is the U-Maths Network?

U-Maths is designed to grow and strengthen the maths school movement. As the umbrella body for England’s university maths schools, it gives us a single voice for connecting with policymakers, industry partners, funders and the wider education and maths sector, and provides a channel for knowledge-sharing and promoting excellence across the network.

Our schools immerse 16-19 year olds in the subjects they love, fostering vibrant and diverse communities of maths enthusiasts. A new generation of creative mathematicians, coders and scientists is emerging, ready to tackle society’s biggest challenges.

U-Maths is committed to expanding this impact. We support new maths schools during and after their launch, nurturing young minds and igniting their mathematical curiosity. By drawing on our collective expertise, we can support maths schools to become beacons of extraordinary learning and teaching which benefit the whole education system. And by strengthening collaborations with universities and industry partners, we can help to educate the STEM leaders the world so urgently needs.


Improving Education

As a network we are better positioned to change the educational landscape in England. To make it clear that it is a positive choice to be passionate and skilled at mathematics, and to provide an essential pipeline of well-trained young mathematical scientists.

Universities in Partnership

U-Maths is a partnership between 11 top-performing universities, all working together enthusiastically to provide an exceptional education in the mathematical sciences for young people from all backgrounds.

Widening Participation

The U-maths network introduces passionate STEM pupils from every background to Britain’s top universities and industry players. Our school’s outreach programmes work with underrepresented groups to support their journeys through maths excellence pathways.

Nurturing the nation’s quantitative talent

As a network we can collectively have a wider impact within the education community to inspire students and address the skills gap in this country. We are committed to nurturing young mathematicians, teachers and the wider educational community. The maths schools create lively and focused learning communities that provide access to university facilities and lecturers. This allows our students to be uniquely prepared for university degrees and careers in STEM-rich fields.

Promoting Excellence

University maths schools are at the forefront of curriculum and pedagogical developments for high-attaining young mathematical scientists. Our schools can shine out as beacons to show what a maths community can be where you love maths, revel in the challenges and enjoy the process. We seek to not only serve the students in our schools brilliantly but also the wider education community around them, sharing our best ideas, resources and training with students, teachers and schools to ensure the best possible outcomes for all. Wherever there is a maths school, there are opportunities for local schools, teachers, and students to explore new and exciting approaches to maths learning.

University Partners

Educational Partners

We are proud to work with XTX Markets, who provide support to U-Maths and to the university maths schools.

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